Willett Distillery : Bardstown Kentucky

I took the tour at the family owned and operated Willett Distillery. Its been around since 1937, and has been producing fine, organic bourbon ever since. The property is a healthy mix of the original machinery and structures used to produce their product, and the modern ways of bourbon production brought to the distillery by later relatives. The history in this place was incredible. There was a little shack, that you will see in the photographs, that housed the G-man who was stationed their when prohibition ended.  The lady giving the tour said that man, now in his 90’s, returned to the factory last month to take a tour and was surprised to see his living quarters still standing.

Bourbon takes time to make, and they produce bourbon no younger than 4-5 years aged, and no older than 25 years aged.  This Factory can make around 18 Barrels a day compared to the hundreds a day that a place like Jim Beam puts out.  Kentucky, and specifically Bardstown, is home to a lot of the Whiskey and Bourbon you and I enjoy, including Heaven hill and Jim Beam, as well as many smaller distilleries such as Willett.

Here is a visual tour of the factory and how Bourbon is made.

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