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The Fly Honey Show 2013     I was born in Cape Cod,  Massachusetts, and remained there until I moved to Chicago in 2005. Over the past 8 years                               I have taken advantage of the arts community the city of Chicago has to offer, by working on numerous projects,  with countless companies and artists that take risks while pushing their collaborators into areas of uncertainty and artistic growth.  After I attended Columbia College, and received a BFA in Acting, I began my journey with the arts organization The Inconvenience.

60,000 square feet of loft space, 12 roommates, 1 shower, lots of events, hundreds of people, loud concerts, and a community that was alive, vibrant, and right outside my bedroom door. The Inconvenience is an artistic collective that origonated in a loft space on the North side of Chicago in 2008.   At the Loft we produced over 30 events that meshed the worlds of Music, Dance, Visual art and Theatre together.  Over my 2 years living there I photographed the experiences, and developed myself into a multi-disciplinary artist.   We moved out in 2010, and as a company have since successfully produced a number of plays, concerts, art fairs, burlesque shows, dance performances, and much more with. (

My photos has been published in almost every major magazine and newspaper the Chicago. It has even made its way to the New Yorker, Huffington post, Theatre Magazine, and Brazilian publications!  I have been working as a freelance photographer for 5 years. I was fortunate to shoot for Time Out Chicago, before they closed their doors in 2013. Through them I covered such concerts as Van Halen, Buddy Guy, three full days of Lollapalooza 2012, Spring Awakening 2013 and much more.

Aside from my commercial and editorial work, I often take my camera on every adventure I go on, collecting images documenting the parts of the world I see.  documenting the many kinds of ways people make art is a passion of mine, because you can really see “development” in a subject if you give the process of collecting those moments, the time it needs.  I strive to capture real people, and the relationships between them to tell a story.  I what to bring you into the experiences I am having, hoping that you will learn from, grow with, share, and converse about my work and what Im capturing.

I love working alone as much as I like working with people. Both avenues in creating offer huge opportunity for interesting, unique and daring work.  Collaboration is the key to artistic growth.

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